Its open enrollment for Medicare Advantage!  One of the great benefits of a Medicare Advantage Plan is that most plans provide $500K in emergency medical coverage a year while you are outside of the US.  When used with Lakeside Medical, they will handle all the billing and pay for your deductible so you have no out of pocket costs for emergencies in Mexico.  Click here to set an appointment with a licensed broker today!

Who We Are

STMA is a non-profit association set up by American Expats living in Mexico who saw a tremendous need to facilitate quality US-style medical care in Mexico covered by private insurance from the US and Canada. Founded in 2021 by Greg and Elizabeth Hovey in conjunction with Dr. Ian Zuckerman, CEO of Lakeside Medical Group, and insurance industry leaders like Nationwide® Insurance and TME Insurance Services,

STMA offers exclusive access to free and low cost medical and insurance services ensuring you a safe stay while traveling and living in Mexico.

Association Mission Statement

To ensure Members receive immediate AMA quality healthcare in Mexico, and access to free or low cost emergency medical insurance without out-of-pocket expenses

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AMA Quality Healthcare Throughout Mexico With Lakeside Medical Group

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A licensed insurance broker will personally ensure you have qualifying coverage for registration with Lakeside Medical through your existing US, VA or Canadian insurance plan, and will also help you enroll in a free or low costqualifyingplan if you do not

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General Underwriters

Plan Offer

$500K in emergency medical coverage to age 0-70 40-49 $495 $550
$100K in emergency medical coverage ages 70-80 50-59 $816 $923
$250K in emergency medical air evacuation coverage 60-64 $1,096 $1240
Coverage for Unexpected Acute Onset of Pre-Existing Conditions 65-69 N/A $1288
Guaranteed Issue—No Medical Underwriting 70-79 $1976 $2138

Renewable, Extendable and Refundable to Age 80
Quotes below are annual premiums—shorter trips are prorated without penalty

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