SafeTravels Group Insurance Plan

Expat and international major medical insurance plans are very expensive, require medical records, often exclude coverage because of pre-existing conditions.

STMA, in conjunction with Lloyd’s of London, is pleased to offer a low cost, guaranteed issue plan that just covers what is most important when Members are traveling and living in Mexico.  Our SafeTravels Emergency Medical Plan with Air Evacuation is endorsed and accepted by Lakeside Medical Group as the most cost-effective plan that qualifies for their services. 

When utilized with Lakeside Medical Group, Members will not be responsible for any deductibles or coinsurance, and are covered for unexpected emergencies up to $100,000, and air evacuation up to $500,000.


$100,000 in unexpected emergency medical coverage while in Mexico

$500,000 in unexpected emergency medical evacuation coverage to the hospital of your choice in the US when medically necessary.

Covers all unexpected medical emergencies including Covid.


30 years old / $16.24/month

40 years old / $24.65/month

50 years old / $40.31/month

60 years old / $47.85/month

70 years old / $98.60/month

79 years old / $153/month